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Got No Place To Go  
Fedora Records (2008)

Personnel: Byther Smith (vocals, guitar); Roger Perry (vocals, guitar, keyboard); Frank Goldwasser (guitar, harmonica); Danny Camarena (bass instrument); Chris Millar (drum).

Blues on The Moon    

"The evening of Friday, August 17th. 2007, Byther Smith brought his faultless deep sense of blues to the National Rhythm Social Club, which opened its doors wide to do a show together with his band musicians a real priceless performing of the most passionate warm Chicago blues ever heard, on a perfect communication with the audience. .... This DVD recording shows a seventy four years man, completely devoted to his music, giving the best of himself along twelve pleasant varied songs, from shuffles to slows, funk or West Side sound, plus some classic blues like “Rock Me Baby” or “Don’t Start Me Talking”. He is backed by Anthony Palmer on guitar too, Daryl Couts on keyboards, Greg Mc Daniel on bass and James Carter on drums who do a perfect work and get a colorful, intense well teamed playing making their leader shine at a very high level. Enjoy of this new Delmark label DVD and the really nice Byther Smith performing, on the original real West Side blues style. He offers us a honest efficient enthusiastic show, and an skillful playing."

(courtesy of http://www.dustyblues.com)

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Born To Be A Champion      
Throw Away the Book     

From “Running to New Orleans” to “I Don’t Like to Travel”  .. a great compendium of Byther Smith’s originals … also featuring Willie Dixon’s “Close to You Baby” and J.Dawkins’s “All for Business”. 

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Hold That Train    

Recorded in 1981, Hold That Train was partially issued on the Grits label as Tell Me How You Like It. This new expanded version contains many unissued songs, a full hour of raw Chicago blues

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Smitty’s Blues   

If you love that raw, brooding Chicago sound, performed and sung with lots of soul and emo- tion..., you'll love this set. It's as rough and tough as they come these days. And it's definitely 'Smitty's blues'.

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Addressing The Nation - Byther Smith Addressing the Nation with the Blues    

This Chicago session is another uncompromising showcase for the intense South Sider, whose Slough of Despond-gloomy lyrics and needles-up-the-spine guitar playing combine to produce perhaps the most daunting contemporary blues anywhere.